Welcome to M.R.Group

M. R. Group is one of the leading industrial units in bangladesh engaged in industrial production and treading business. M. R. Group consists of 6 Limited Companies and four business Houses. The group is mainly engaged in Textile sector with yearly turnover of 3.00 billion with Employee of 8, 435 highly Skilled dedecited Officers, employees and Workers.


Business Areas:


- B. R. Spinning Mills Ltd.
- M. R. Sweater Composite Ltd.
- Julia Sweater Composite Ltd.
- B. R. Zipper (Pvt.) Ltd.
- Can-Am Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
- B. R. Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
- B. R. Textile Composite Ltd.

Trading House:

- Bazlur Rahman & Co.
- Emon Corporation.
- Rahman Overseas Co.
- Refat International Co.
- Mita Corporation.
- B. R. Agro & food's Ltd.